Harmonious Haven

CLIENT'S OVERALL GOAL: backyard landscaping that complements contemporary style of pool area

CLIENT'S NEED: modern, simplistic landscaping

FLORA'S SOLUTION: landscaping planting concentrated along walkways and around seating areas, lawn meets raised wall on front side of pool allowing for optimal view of pool and lower level landscaping

CLIENT'S NEED: lighting

FLORA'S SOLUTION: contemporary style fire bowls for evening lighting and ambiance

CLIENT'S NEED: privacy for pool area

FLORA'S SOLUTION: Emerald Green Arborvitae line to provide privacy from neighboring lawns

CLIENT'S NEED: walkway from patio to pool seating area

FLORA'S SOLUTION: square stepping stone pathway bordered by Beach Pebbles connecting patio area and pool lounge area

CLIENT'S NEED: colorful plants and flowers for decoration and visual interest

FLORA'S SOLUTION: a plethora of vivid, tastefully placed plants and flowers including Nandina, Crape Myrtle Trees, Drift Rose, Tree Rose, Boxwood, Hydrangea, and Variegated and Green Liriope

CLIENT'S NEED: walkway around side of house connecting driveway to pool/patio area

FLORA'S SOLUTION: double arched gate and colorful walkway create a botanical entrance leading from driveway to entertainment area

CLIENT'S NEED: fire pit

FLORA'S SOLUTION: rectangular, gas fire pit providing a modern, elegant lighting solution