Stunning Scenery

CLIENT'S NEED: new fountain and accompanying landscaping in the back of the home

FLORA'S SOLUTION: fountain constructed of Flagstone and surrounded by Beach Pebbles, highlighted by a colorful array of Limelight Hydrangea, Variagated Liriope, Butterfly Bush and Drift Rose

CLIENT'S NEED: solution for drainage issues on the side of the home

FLORA'S SOLUTION: dry creek of Oversized Rainbow Gravel to mitigate drainage and runoff concerns

CLIENT'S NEED: landscaping for new pool area (located on the side of the home)

FLORA'S SOLUTION: complete landscaping job for newly constructed pool and waterfall

CLIENT'S NEED: enhance existing front landscaping

FLORA'S SOLUTION: stone edging around existing beds, add height with Columnar Hornbeam and color with Gold Cypress, Hydrangea and Drift Rose