CLIENT'S OVERALL GOAL: transform existing woodland garden into an oasis

FLORA'S SOLUTION: transplanted mature trees, shrubs and perennials to other areas of yard, clearing enough room to build pool and surrounding hardscapes

CLIENT'S NEED: create access for construction equipment

FLORA'S SOLUTION: removed existing dry creek, stored materials on site during construction and then rebuilt creek using these same materials

CLIENT'S NEED: alleviate excess water in yard

FLORA'S SOLUTION: controlled watershed by rebuilding dry creek beds and installing drains to direct and mitigate water runoff

CLIENT'S NEED: variety, color and visual complexity

FLORA'S SOLUTION: vivid plantings—to include transplants and new Boxwood, Pink Dogwood, Cedar Atlas, Coreopsis, Ajuga, Azalea and Japanese Maple—to add color and visual interest against the green, naturally wooded backdrop

CLIENT'S NEED: lighting

FLORA'S SOLUTION: a complete lighting system, comprised of existing and new path lights and spotlights, in and around pool area for safety and to highlight specific plants

CLIENT'S NEED: mobility around pool area and multiple tiered patios

FLORA'S SOLUTION: reinstalled existing stone and hardscape material to create new pathways and staircases connecting the patios and entertaining areas