Putting Green Perfection

CLIENT'S OVERALL GOAL: landscaping for new pool area in backyard

CLIENT'S NEED: privacy

FLORA'S SOLUTION: waterfall planted with Green Giant Arborvitae, White Pine & Sweetbay Magnolia to provide year-long privacy from neighboring lawns


FLORA'S SOLUTION: a variety of plants and flowers—including Nandina, Burning Bush, Butterfly Bush and Carpet Roses—for added color and visual appeal

CLIENT'S NEED: landscaping for large retaining walls

FLORA'S SOLUTION: as assortment of plants—including Crape Myrtle, Liatris, Climbing Hydrangea, Butterfly Bush, Carpet Roses and Boxwood—on top and around retaining walls

CLIENT'S NEED: cleanliness

FLORA'S SOLUTION: use of gravel planting beds, potted plants and Lysmachia covering mulch in immediate vicinity of pool

CLIENT'S NEED: access to pool area from upper patio

FLORA'S SOLUTION: stone ledge staircase and stepping stone pathway, with spreading Lysmachia ground cover, leading from upper patio down to pool area

CLIENT'S NEED: putting green

FLORA'S SOLUTION: putting green made of artificial turf, edged with Flagstone and weathered boulders