Luxe Lawns

CLIENT'S OVERALL GOAL: elegant, tasteful landscaping for new pool area

FLORA'S SOLUTION: traditional landscaping to support overall luxurious tone of surroundings

CLIENT'S NEED: landscaping to complement and enhance geometric style of pool area

FLORA'S SOLUTION: landscaping concentrated in corners to mirror geometric shape of pool

CLIENT'S NEED: lighting

FLORA'S SOLUTION: bronze lighting fixtures to match and complement patio furniture

CLIENT'S NEED: tidiness, solution to drainage problems

FLORA'S SOLUTION: stone edging to define pool area and prevent mulch runoff

CLIENT'S NEED: pathway

FLORA'S SOLUTION: segmented pavers to act as walkway and preserve green space

CLIENT'S NEED: simplified maintenance

FLORA'S SOLUTION: full irrigation system for simplified maintenance and enduring beauty