Landscaped Theater

CLIENT'S OVERALL GOAL: landscaping for new pool, backyard entertainment area, updated driveway

CLIENT'S NEED: remove tie walls and update

FLORA'S SOLUTION: new stone stairway and Regency Stone retaining walls planted with Knockout Roses and Mandevilla creating a welcoming entrance

CLIENT'S NEED: fire pit and seating area constructed of same rustic stone used throughout rest of outdoor space

FLORA'S SOLUTION: Natural Flagstone patio and fire pit that match the stone coping and raised walls of the swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, dining area, bar area, pathways and edging

CLIENT'S NEED: privacy, outdoor audio/video

FLORA'S SOLUTION: custom wooden privacy panels with electric drop-down projector screen for outdoor movie viewing (projector sits on a boulder table)

CLIENT'S NEED: variety, color

FLORA'S SOLUTION: mixture of planted and potted flowers for continuity and visual interest