Pristine Pathways

CLIENT'S OVERALL GOAL: complete backyard makeover - remove dead / overgrown landscaping, remove and replace patio and fence, rehab existing pool

CLIENT'S NEED: seating area with fire pit away from deck area

FLORA'S SOLUTION: paver patio with raised fire pit, multi-level design connected with Natural Flagstone and ledge stone steps

January Installation

CLIENT'S NEED: pathways connecting driveway, deck, seating area, and pool area

FLORA'S SOLUTION: tumbled 3-piece paver patios and walkways

CLIENT'S NEED: remove dilapidated fence and replace with new fence for safety purposes

FLORA'S SOLUTION: new pool entrance including Flagstone steps with weathered limestone ledge wall and new fence with arched, maintenance free steel gate at drive entrance

CLIENT'S NEED: solution for drainage issue

FLORA'S SOLUTION: colorful rainbow dry creek bed to control drainage and for added visual interest

CLIENT'S NEED: privacy

FLORA'S SOLUTION: property line privacy established with Green Giant Arborvitae Norway Spruces, Yoshino Cherry Trees and Maiden Grass

CLIENT'S NEED: lighting

FLORA'S SOLUTION: outdoor lighting to showcase plants and direct pathways