Lush Landscapes

CLIENT'S OVERALL GOAL: plush, colorful landscaping around pool/seating areas

After pool construction, before landscaping installation

CLIENT'S NEED: cheerful, natural setting

FLORA'S SOLUTION: a variety of bright, colorful plants and flowers including Bracken Magnolia, Blue Atlas Cedar, Drift Rose, Hydrangea, Ajuga, and Sedum ground cover

CLIENT'S NEED: walkways from driveway to backyard and around pool deck area

FLORA'S SOLUTION: Natural Flagstone pathways with Creeping Jenny planted between the stones for mobility and to enhance the overall lush appearance of the design

CLIENT'S NEED: lighting

FLORA'S SOLUTION: lighting around path areas for practicality and to uplight the Specimen Blue Atlas plantings

CLIENT'S NEED: hide pool equipment pad from view

FLORA'S SOLUTION: Holly and Magnolia planted around pool equipment pad to block it from view year round