Stone Serenity

CLIENT'S OVERALL GOAL: landscaping for new pool area that is both simple and sophisticated

CLIENT'S NEED: cleanliness around pool area

FLORA'S SOLUTION: gravel planting beds around pool and spa area to preserve tidiness and help with water runoff

CLIENT'S NEED: access to upper pool deck and patio

FLORA'S SOLUTION: pathway constructed of textured concrete leading from pool house to upper deck and patio

CLIENT'S NEED: access to pool area from outside of the home

FLORA'S SOLUTION: Flagstone stepping stone pathway leading from the front of the home to pool area

CLIENT'S NEED: colorful landscaping to improve appearance of retaining wall

FLORA'S SOLUTION: Hameln Grass, Butterfly Bush and Coreopsis plantings in rock beds running alongside of retaining walls for added color and visual appeal

CLIENT'S NEED: solution to drainage issues

FLORA'S SOLUTION: dry creek and rain garden on side of home to improve drainage and prevent runoff issues

CLIENT'S NEED: privacy

FLORA'S SOLUTION: Cleveland Select Pear and Bayberry on raised planting beds establish privacy from the street